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Income Tax Filing

Income Tax Filing Assistance in Los AngelesWe work with a certified tax prepare who will file your income taxes with the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board here in California. If you are an individual or a business, we can electronically file your return and ensure that you receive the highest possible refund. Our associate has over 23 years of experience and is located in North Hollywood, California.


If you know ahead of time that you will owe taxes, we can assist you in setting up a payment plan with the Internal Revenue Service or the Franchise Tax Board.


Our rates are usually lower than other tax preparation companies such as H&R Block. Don't leave your tax return to guesswork -- have a certified tax preparer work directly with you to ensure your tax return is done correctly.

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Tax Filing Assistance in Los Angeles

We address your legal concerns on taxation matters to facilitate you with the best choice. On matters of support for filing tax applications for your start up business or deciding the one applicable to your case, or if you have landed in a soup over IRS, or are undecided on any matter, it is time to turn to our qualified attorneys for the finest and task- specific solutions on all issues.


Our tax filing paralegals in Los Angeles at Araneta Legal Services serve you across the different domains of tax issues, right from opening audit to the IRS organizational appeals, to Tax Courthouse and ultimate review by appellate court, including Supreme Court of U.S.A. Our qualified tax counsels assist you to maneuver your federal as well as state tax affairs.


Taxes levied by the Government of America include taxes on income, payroll and sales along with real estate payable by individuals and firms. Our lawyers assist you with income tax e-filing and any refunds you are entitled to in the event of excessive withdrawals from your paychecks and over taxation.


Our advice on the standard deductions available to you based on government directives and your filing status or through itemizing different expenses like interest on mortgages, state and regional taxes, charitable endowments and medical costs enables you to settle for affordable taxes.


Our team aids you on income reduction measures like various tax-free income groups of primary house sale, bonds or life insurance, maximizing tax credits like earned income, adoption and education credit, grants to 401k account, lowering tax rates through income derived from stocks and mutual funds along with freehold investments.


We are in the legal business for the past 23 years and serve entire Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, while collaborating with eminent luminaries to offer excellent services. For professional tax filing assistance in Los Angeles contact Araneta Legal Services to get the best assistance.