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Do you or a relative need help with applying for a visa? Do you know someone abroad who would like immigrate to the United States? In most cases, we can help you or your loved one come to the United States.


We promise to evaluate each case carefully, prepare the correct forms and provide you the proper legal information to prepare you for USCIS interviews.


ImmigrationWe provide assistance with:

  • Applying for a work permit
  • Extension of Stay
  • Labor Certification - PERM
  • Work Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Assylum or Refugee Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Business or Travel Visa
  • Naturalization
  • Permanent Residency
  • Fiance/Fiancee Visa


We can also help you in filling out most immigration forms for the purpose of saving time and money.

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Immigration Services in Los Angeles


Do you or any of your friends need assistance for visa? We, at Araneta legal services deal with the matters concerning the immigration services in Los Angeles and hence in visiting USA. So, those who are looking for immigration to us can seek our help. We, take this pride to serve our clients satisfactorily. We closely examine each and every case that we undertake. We also give you the legal information to our clients from time to time.


All over the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles we have plenty of satisfied clients who happily recommend our service. Araneta Legal Services provide you assistance in many of the matters concerning immigration. We provide you assistance in the various immigration matters like: extension of staying period, work visa, investor visa, students’ visa, visa for being permanent resident of US, employment visa, asylum visa, travel visa and a lot more. So, if you, your friend or any of your acquaintances for that matter need legal information or want to immigrate to US can reach out to us.


We, also provide business visa for the business personal travelling abroad. Not only this, Araneta Legal Services also help you to fill Los Angeles immigration forms and prepare the requisite documents so that we can save time and money of our clients. We have a rich experience and help you in preparing legal documents at the prices you can easily afford. We also provide free legal consultation on our clients’ requests. So, stop running from pillar to post to get legal assistance when you need immigrate just reach out to us and rest-assured.