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Foreclosure Paralegal Los AngelesDue to the recent economic crisis and volatile home loans, homeowners are now facing the harsh reality that they may lose their home.


If you are behind on your mortgage payments, contact us immediately. There are a number of options available to the homeowner to keep their house from being sold or taken back by the lender.


These are just a few ways we can help you keep your home (on a case by case basis):


  • Mortgage Litigation - Did your lender fail to properly explain your loan documents to you? Has your lender offered any options towards assisting you with your mortgage?
  • Cash for Keys - Some lenders will offer you financial assistance towards your moving costs if you decide to move out of the home
  • Settlement/Negotiation - Negotiate on your behalf for a better interest rate or a principal reduction.
  • Bankruptcy - If you have not yet filed for bankruptcy, doing so will let you keep your home from being foreclosed during proceedings.
  • **NEW** Homeowners Fresh Start - Based on qualification, you may be able to keep your home and start fresh with a lower mortgage payment (contact us for more details)
  • Loan Modification - The terms of your mortgage may be modified if you qualify. Every homeowner can apply for loan modification by himself, but first you will need to decide if this option is right for you and understand the guidelines to qualify.

Unlawful Detainer (Eviction)


The eviction process is a complex and quick process that requires attention to detail and being able to respond quickly.


When your home is facing foreclosure, the lender will need to initiate an Unlawful Detainer action to remove you from the property. As a homeowner or tenant, you have certain rights that are time-sensitive -- this means that if you may lose certain rights if you don't act appropriately and expeditiously.


Tenants who rent also face eviction through the Unlawful Detainer process. Just like homeowners, immediate responsive action is required. Tenants have certain rights that are sometimes violated by the landlord. At times, the landlord fails to fulfill certain requirements to successfully remove the tenant from the property.


Please contact us immediately if you are facing eviction from your property. Having an eviction on your rental record can be very costly.


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Foreclosure Paralegal Assistance in Los Angeles

Due to high-priced legal charges, maximum number of the clients hunts for reasonable options for legal support to prevail over their issues. If you feel humiliated due to substandard legal party and are on the lookout for convincing legal support, it becomes very decisive to get a reputed lawyer. Within the short tenure, Araneta Legal Firm has developed as a leading paralegal service provider in the San Fernando and Los Angeles. Areneta Company deals in varied fields of law that include Foreclosure, Tax benefit, Bankruptcy, Immigration, Worker’s Compensation, Small Claims and Family Law.


Araneta Legal Service can execute all the permissible tasks associated with the case. Major purpose of Araneta Service is to present best possible result without charging over-priced legal fees. Los Angeles foreclosure paralegal presents free consultation service to clients whether they are regular or new, if case is not incorporated in scheduled legal concerns. Areneta Legal Firm holds working competency of 7 year in similar field. They implement best possible approach to determine client’s dilemma quickly and professionally without utilizing excess time and charges. Lin case, client’s house undergo foreclosure, creditor generally apply Illicit Detainer Act to get a permanent hold on property.


Being an owner, person owns many influential rights, which can be applied for legal concerns. Contradictory phase is client can lose legal right to hold their property if it is not used in an efficient manner. In some cases, occupants also face deportation because of Detainer Act when your house is currently in foreclosure. Legal Expulsion can impose excessive charges on clients and make situation quite taxing. For any Los Angeles foreclosure legal assistance, feel free to approach consultant associated with Areneta Legal Service before entering into an agreement.