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Family Law

Family LawIf you are experiencing issues within your family life we can help.


Divorce: If you want to start the preparation and filing of your divorce or if your spouse has served with you with divorce papers we can help. We will review the documents that have been served on you and carefully explain what documents will need to be prepared in response and what to expect along the way.


Child Support: If you are not receiving child support or are not receiving the proper amount, we will assist you in filing the proper forms in the correct venues to get this resolved. Also, we can assist with wage garnishment if the other parent has been unreliable in providing you the assistance you are owed.


Child Custody: Your child comes first. Many parents do not agree on the amount of time each parent should spend with their children. Let us work with you to file the correct documents in court and show you how to properly present your case in front of a judge.

Pre-Marital Agreements: Planning on getting married and have decided that a "prenup" is a good idea. Based on your assets and goals, we can prepare a Pre-Marital Agreement to fit your situation.

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Family Law Services in Los Angeles


“Araneta Legal services” is a well known company, which provides assistance in the legal matters. All across San Fernando and LA, we have the satisfied clients who have been served by us. We are committed to provide outstanding legal services and also free consultation on request and this is what makes us different from others. We, specialize in family law services in Los Angeles as well, which deals with marriage, divorce, child custody & support, pre-marital agreements, etc. Our attorneys are highly qualified and experienced ones. We, provide free personal assistance as well to our clients.


We, at Araneta legal service do not charge you much fee and also give you status any time you need. If the issues with your family are troubling you, then you can reach out to us by filling our online application form. We deal with Los Angeles family law. There are many customers visiting to us for getting justice in the matters like divorce, custody of child etc. Most of the cases that come to us are of filing divorce. We, at Araneta legal service help you to file divorce. We scrutinize your divorce papers and after close examination we intimate you about the further documents which are required to be prepared and let you know the other formalities and the steps that you should take.


In the case of family law concerning child custody, when then parents do not mutually agree about the time they should be giving to their children so we at Araneta Legal services help them file the requisite documents and also direct you to present your case effectively in the court. Also, if you plan to get married you can reach out to us for preparing pre-marital agreements depending on your property. Araneta Legal services help you on that count too.