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Employment Law

Employment Law Paralegal Los AngelesA majority of the employees in U.S.A does its job “at will”, and the employers can dismiss them any time, if they have a valid reason. Employment Law is concerned with the relation between the workers and the employers and State as well as federal laws forbids employer from dismissing any worker on grounds of discrimination or counteraction. These restrictions are applicable irrespective of any agreement.


Araneta Legal Services offers legal assistance for employment law services in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. If you need any kind of paralegal services related to employment law, we can give you the best advice and lead to the correct direction. We offer free consultation to our first time visitors in order to understand their needs. Our Los Angeles employment law legal services are perpared by professional and well educated paralegals.


The IRCA restrains the employers from sacking an employee on grounds of his alien standing, if he is otherwise eligible while OSHA declares it illegal to dismiss workers for charging that work environment do not conform to safety regulations. The Act relating to Age Discrimination (ADEA) forbids discrimination on the basis of age for employees attaining the age of 40 years. The Act regarding Equal Pay enjoins employers to provide all persons same pay for similar work which applies to all employers including private, governmental as well as labor unions.

Los Angeles Employment Law Paralegal Assistance

Wages and hours, along with overtime pay conditions are normally governed by FLSA. It binds the employers to pay minimum wage to the employee and overtime wages for performance of over 40 hours of work in a week. The FLSA caters to hourly or commissioned as well as salaried workers. There are many other related laws that you may not know untill you visit to our Los Angeles employment law paralegal.


Our company, Araneta Legal Services can assist you with your overtime or minimum remuneration and with other pay disputes. Our lawyers will ensure your compliance to the Employment Law in case you are an employer and can defend you if you are charged with violation. If you are an employee we can assist in filing your claim before state employment board or to bring a lawsuit. Our attorneys have vast experience in offering litigation support on employment issues.